About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Vanessa Turner and I'd like to welcome to you to my website, Build Your Own Vertical Garden. Living in a densely populated urban area, finding space to create a garden can be a bit of a challenge. But the solution to my problem was the in the utilization of vertical space. I had to give up my old ideas that a garden could only grow horizontally -- and instead focused on the abundant vertical space that's readily available . Since that time I've become a bit of an expert in my neighborhood as I create beautiful, abundant vertical gardens. In this site I'll share with you my tips and secrets so that you too can take advantage of your vertical space and create the garden of your dreams. Happy planting!

Vertical Planters For Small Gardening Spaces

No space for a garden? Don’t feel down, look up! Think vertical! Vertical planters are a good alternative for green thumbs who do not have much horizontal gardening spaces. In fact, vertical planters are so efficient and convenient that you don’t need to think about all the hassles a horizontal garden would bring.

If you are interested in growing your plants in vertical planters, you might want to start by looking at vertical planter models online or in stores. When you are ready to grow plants, you can either buy ready-made vertical planters or make one on your own. You can save money if you make your own using used items such as a pallet, old cans, bottles, and even a plastic pipe, old buckets and any other container. When making your own vertical planters, make sure you leave a hole or two on the bottom of each one. DIY vertical planters can look just as great as store-bought ones.

There is no limit to the design and style of vertical planters. Vertical planters add aesthetics to your home. They offer a lot more benefits including:

-Fewer pests:
Vertical planters are not infested by pests and rodents as much as horizontal gardens are and in case vertical planters are infested, the problem can be seen and removed easily.

-Cleaner and more breathable air:
We all know that plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen that we need. Vertical planters acts like a filter in comes the bad air, and out comes the good air!

-Easy to maintain:
Watering has never been easier with vertical planters. With just a few steps you will be able to water all of your plants. And because plants are grown in individual pots or pockets, weeds are controlled and eliminated quickly.

-Added Privacy:
Vertical planters can act as a privacy screen or a cover for a hole in the wall.

Turn your plain old wall into a living wall or enhance your patio or balcony by setting up vertical planters on it. Increase your yield by placing more vertical planters and planting in them. You can grow flowers, grass, vegetables, and some fruits in vertical planters. Whether you have a small urban house or you just want an enhancement to your existing garden, you can use vertical planters to make a living wall. Make your own vertical garden that you will surely love and start planting today!

Vertical Container Gardening Systems

In an area where there is limited space or resources for growing plants, vertical container gardening is encouraged. Vertical container gardening is a plant growing system being used by many professional gardeners and plant lovers. Imagine being able to grow your own food like herbs, fruits and vegetables even if you live in a small urban home or have your very own living wall inside or outside your house, wouldn’t that be something?

Vertical container gardening is trendy nowadays because it is a very convenient gardening system. When you water your plants, you need not move around so much or bend just to make sure you cover all of the growing space. Harvesting and tending to your plants is also easier with vertical container gardening.

Vertical container gardening looks very beautiful. Green is a very soothing color, so if you see much green then your eyes will be relaxed. Vertical container gardening allows you to see a lot of green without having to walk far. Vertical container gardening is a head-turner, anybody who passes by one takes a minute to admire the greenery and comment about its beauty. You can grow pretty flowers, succulent vegetables and healthy grass on a vertical container gardening system.

Vertical container gardening supplies are available in gardening centers or online. There are many companies selling different styles of pots, pockets, towers and other planters. You may also choose to use recycled or reusable containers for your vertical container gardening system, such as old bottles, used but sturdy plant bags, buckets and cans, plastic bottles and pipes, and even small wood boxes and pallets. This is a greener choice compared to just buying new planters for gardens.

There are many online resources and blogs that talk about vertical container gardening. A remarkable blog that has content about vertical container gardening is that of Willem Van Cotthem. His entire blog is dedicated to growing plants especially in areas wherein plants hardly survive. You can learn many things about vertical container gardening when you read from his blog. Urbandirt, a gardening show hosted by David Walrod, provides you with many different tips when it comes to vertical container gardening and other gardening systems. You can watch his shows online.

What are you waiting for? Get started with a vertical gardening system today and enjoy the benefits many other vertical garden growers are experiencing!