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Hello everyone, my name is Vanessa Turner and I'd like to welcome to you to my website, Build Your Own Vertical Garden. Living in a densely populated urban area, finding space to create a garden can be a bit of a challenge. But the solution to my problem was the in the utilization of vertical space. I had to give up my old ideas that a garden could only grow horizontally -- and instead focused on the abundant vertical space that's readily available . Since that time I've become a bit of an expert in my neighborhood as I create beautiful, abundant vertical gardens. In this site I'll share with you my tips and secrets so that you too can take advantage of your vertical space and create the garden of your dreams. Happy planting!

Vertical Wall Planters

Vertical gardening is an alternative gardening system that can replace the ordinary horizontal gardens. Vertical wall planters are used when there is not much space for gardening in an area, like on a porch, balcony or patio. If you live in an urban area, you might not have much fertile soil to work with. Vertical wall planters are the best solution for this. Vertical wall planters can be used indoors and outdoors. They also make watering plants easier. There are a variety of vertical wall planters you can choose from when building your living wall. Listed below are some examples.

Plant Pockets:
Plant pockets are vertical wall planters that have a design that allows your plants to be portable, so you can safely transfer your plants anywhere you like without the hassle of re-potting. Plant pockets look great on any wall, indoors and outdoors. They are very stylish and would look good even in urban home designs. Florafelt and Wooly are companies that supply quality plant pockets. You can visit their website to view and order their products.

Pots are probably the most traditional container used for indoor and outdoor plants. There are literally thousands of pot designs available in shops and online stores. You can choose the shape, style, material, color and size of the pots. They are very cheap, too. Setting the wall to install pots may be a bit tricky if the pots you buy are not specifically for walls. But that can be remedied and the result can be a fantastic wall that everyone will admire.

Recycled or Reusable Containers:
PVC pipes, PET bottles, old cans, plastic buckets are some of the kinds of containers you can use as planters instead of purchasing brand new vertical wall planters. You can still make your wall look fancy and attractive by using these cheap resources. You are also helping the environment by not sending these items to the landfill. You can also grow the same plants in them as you can in new pots and pockets. If you are a green gardener, then recycled vertical wall planters are the best choice.

You can plant flowers, herbs and vegetables in vertical wall planters. Many have had success stories when it comes to vertical wall planter produce. You can make any wall in your home and office turn into an interesting and appealing one by installing and planting vertical wall planters. Contact your gardening center today and ask them about vertical wall planters. They have a range of vertical wall planters available in stock or on hand. Check them out and create your vertical garden using vertical wall planters today!

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